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I am an HCPC registered podiatrist and have been providing a range of foot care services recognised by the Health Professions Council for Hornsea and Holderness for the past 36 years and qualified from the Manchester Foot Hospital and School of Chiropody at a time when podiatrists had to undergo a full three year training course at a recognised school.

The HCPC superceded state registration, which means that many podiatrists and chiropodists are now self taught or have qualified through distance learning or correspondence courses. I have both full professional training and almost four decades of experience, having commenced practice in 1972 in a discipline I am delighted to say that " I still love after all these years!"

I consult with patients of all ages for a wide variety of conditions, including general foot health and diabetic care and treat most of my patients in my dedicated surgery in Hornsea, though if essential I can visit patients in their own home.

For more information, please use the contact numbers shown below - I would be delighted to hear from you.

  • Judy M. Palin HCPC, Dip.Pod.m.

    Judy M. Palin HCPC, Dip.Pod.m.

    Owner / Clinical Practitioner

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Unit 7, Southgate Court, Hull Bridge Road, Hornsea,

East Yorkshire, HU18 1RP
01964 533776

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